If you actually think physical attractiveness is important in a relationship, you are not shallow. To make a good relationship last you have to be physically and mentally attracted to the person. I am tired of seeing people being called shallow simply because they are looking for someone attractive to them, mentally and physically.

You are shallow when physical attractiveness is the only thing that keeps you two together.

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Is anyone else feeling weird about Kai’s eye color this last episode?


It just looks like they changed the color they went with before on Kai and im just a little curious as to why?

Also when they were making that call to Tenzin, I noticed they shrunk korra’s chest?

Also Where in the world was Asami? Floating off screen for most of the episode? Why? I thought we were working to establish a strong female bond between the two?

And Mako has now suddenly become not awkward with Korra? What does he even do there in the city while we focus on Korra and Bolin(at moments)?

Did they even need that scene about Varick and the magnet suit? Is that going to be part of the focus for the episodes next week? Couldnt it be used for developing the Krew?

Also why didn’t Korra try following Lin when she was stumbling out of the door? Was she not concerned to see her like that?

Also why did Jinora have to get rescued again when a partial concept of that episode was seemingly trying to establish that Jinora should be a Master now and get her Air Tattoos? That part was really conflicting to me, yes she’s 10/11 years old, but she’s pretty dang smart and imaginative, I thought she would do something interesting when she got that messenger spirit, like ask it to get a big one to help get her and kai or something like that. 

Those are about my only questions/slight criticisms for this episode.

(Despite these questions, i did like watching it, just a bit confused. Also the music was really cool.)

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